Wickepin Primary School (5472)

School Overview

Since its foundation more than 100 years ago Wickepin Primary School has provided students in the town of Wickepin and the surrounding farming community with a sound base to their education. The school continues to provide students with outstanding learning opportunities within the rich traditions and cultural history of the school.
Our staff work together to offer an education that meets the needs of individual students and provides the foundation for each student's future education. Wickepin Primary School provides Educational Specialist teachers that respond to the current needs of students. Students are offered support in the Literacy learning area to maintain a focus on the priorities of the school. Our committed staff work collaboratively to ensure that the individual needs of the students are met. Staffing is reviewed on an annual basis after data are analysed to ensure that our students receive access to high quality teachers in the learning areas that will support their needs.
Education at Wickepin Primary school is supported by a Principal, Classroom Teachers, Specialist Teachers, Education Assistants, Library Officer, Registrar, School Officer, Gardener and Cleaning staff. The student body is comprised of students who travel by bus from farms in the Wickepin Community and students who reside locally in the town. The class composition is reviewed annually and is structured using student numbers and year levels to determine the most effective allocation of staff. Ensuring all students have access to a sound learning environment is the primary criteria and the emphasis in determining the class configuration in the school.
Wickepin Primary School is strongly supported by a School Council, a very active Parent and Citizens Association (P&C), the local Shire and community groups. All of these groups work with the school staff and the Department of Education to provide high quality resources and facilities. This is to ensure that all students have the same opportunities for success as those children who are educated in larger regional and city centres.
Our school offers students a learning environment that incorporates classes located in new buildings and buildings that reflect the rich history of the school. All classrooms are fitted with the latest technology to reflect teaching in the 21st Century. Students have access to a well resourced up to date school library.
Wickepin Primary School and the Wickepin community take pride in welcoming new students and embracing new families to the town. We invite families to come to Wickepin and see for themselves why Albert Facey wrote so fondly of the area in his book 'A Fortunate Life'.