Westminster Primary School (5466)

School Overview

A proud tradition!

Westminster Primary School has proudly served our community since 1958. We are a unique school catering for children in Years 4 - 6 from 2015. We provide a variety of learning experiences for your children with the aim of maximising your child's potential to become a confident, lifelong learner in a technological world.

Exciting Programs!

Our Staff provide a wide variety of interesting and exciting learning programs designed to inspire and engage all children in learning.
The use of modern technologies such as iPads, smartboards and computers, equip children for a technological future.
Well developed and meaningful Science and History programs help develop an understanding of the world in which we live.
Innovative approaches to the teaching of English and Mathematics are helping children achieve good results in national tests such as NAPLAN.
A Visual Arts specialist teacher provides a stimulating, creative program that develops the talents of all of our children in visual arts such as painting, clay work, sketching and drawing.
A Physical Education specialist teacher works with all children to develop their skills in physical activity as well as teamwork, Health education and many other skills that will be valuable in later life.

Teaching Life Skills!

With over 35 different cultures attending school at Westminster and our close affiliation with the Education Support Centre onsite, we are able to model important life values such as tolerance and friendship to develop children into fine young adults.

A safe and caring environment!

We understand that children enrolled at our school come from a wide variety of home and family arrangements.
Our caring teaching and support staff, which includes a wonderful school chaplain, are here to help and assist with any concerns you or your children have.
Our Breakfast Club, offered with the support of Foodbank WA, allows us to make sure that all children start the day with a healthy breakfast.
Through our work with anti-bullying and self esteem programs such as Aussie Optimism and Drumbeat we offer an education that builds children's skills and resilience in managing life's disappointments.

A terrific school!

Students who have attended Westminster Primary School leave here well equipped for high school and life after primary school. We often receive wonderful accolades from our past students and parents who agree the education they received at Westminster Primary is first rate!