Wembley Primary School (5464)

School Overview

Welcome to Wembley Primary School (WPS), an Independent Public School catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our Vision: To foster a culture of curiosity and innovation, empowering our students to be caring, courageous members of our community.

WPS established in 1936, has a long and celebrated history and culture of high expectations, academic excellence and community partnerships affording all students the opportunity to develop the learning dispositions required for new work capabilities and a pathway to a successful future. Teachers are highly motivated to work collaboratively and use evidence to examine the impact of their teaching strategies on student progress and achievement. Progressive pedagogies in innovative learning spaces engage students in purposeful learning, and promote team work, critical and creative thinking and entrepreneurial skills. Our school is a vibrant, culturally responsive community where student-centred learning is prioritised, emotional wellbeing is supported, friendships are formed and every student feels a strong sense of identity and connection. We are committed to making a difference for every student in every classroom, every day by providing a learning environment where children feel safe, valued and confident to tackle academic and personal challenges.

A healthy culture at WPS is our shared responsibility. When we communicate, collaborate and connect with one another in a manner that aligns with the CARES values we believe it will lead to a shared sense of belonging and a community that thrives. We believe that all community members play a valuable role in the life of the school, building a culture that empowers growth.

Discover more about what Wembley Primary School can offer your child by visiting the school website www.wembleyps.wa.edu.au