Wellstead Primary School (5461)

School Overview

Wellstead is a community situated 100 kilometres east of Albany and within the Albany city boundary. Wellstead is a friendly and vibrant place to live and to visit. It is approximately 18 kms to Cape Riche where fishing, swimming and beach studies form a natural part of its school's curriculum. Wellstead Primary School is student focused and strives to meet the needs of every individual student's social, emotional, academic and physical wellbeing.
At Wellstead Primary School we focus on a culture of high expectations academically and behaviourally and provide a high level of care socially, emotionally and physically. We have an evidence based literacy program commencing in the Early Years of Learning with the Letters and Sounds program which is systematic and explicitly taught. In conjunction with the phonics program we use the highly regarded Dandelion Readers, which are decodable readers aligned to the phonics program. Over recent years the school has invested heavily in decodable readers for students to take home and practise their reading skills. Once students reach the achievement standard required for reading they transition to the Key Links program to continue to extend all students. In the senior year's students work with the Sound Waves program for spelling and continue the guided reading Key Links program. Wellstead Primary School prides itself on a strong culture of reading excellence. In Numeracy the school uses iMaths workbooks, Think Mentals and First Step resources supported by the school Numeracy Plan. Students work at their individual pace and are continually challenged to promote creative and critical thinking and innovation.
A music program is timetabled across the school with students in Year 2-6 learning to play a brass instrument. The school band then plays to audiences at assemblies and concerts. The school choir involves all students and performs regularly to an audience.
Wellstead Primary School works closely with its parent and local community. The school has been focusing on its sustainability practices. At Wellstead Primary School we have a Community Garden based on permaculture principles, using all the recyclable waste such as worm farm and compost bins. The school participates in the Cash for Containers program with our own recycle bins located at the front of the school. The school has actively participated in several community projects, revegetating local sites. Students have collected local seeds, germinated and planted out their own seedlings. We focus on the development of each individual student and strive to meet their special needs. Wellstead has a dedicated and proactive staff who love what they do.