Middle Swan Primary School (5426)

School Overview

Middle Swan Primary School (MSPS) has been an Independent Public School since 2011. It is a large, well-resourced and well equipped school, catering for approximately 450 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school population is drawn mainly from Stratton and the nearby suburbs of Jane Brook and Middle Swan.

The schools priorities include
* Academic - Vocabulary and Mental Maths
* Staff Capacity
* Wellbeing

In particular, AEDC results have indicated that language skills are an area of need in the Swan region hence the focus on interventions in the early years. Since 2014 the innovative language program Talk 4 Writing has been implemented as an opportunity to extend student vocabulary from Kindergarten to Year 6. A Speech Pathologist is engaged 2 days a week to screen and implement programs in the Kindergarten years. 'Language Express', 'Letters and Sounds' and Spelling Mastery are additional programs that focus on developing the skills required for learning sounds and words. We continue to work towards NAPLAN improvements with writing outdoing other learning areas assessed. Our progress over time can be attributed to the focus staff have on the learning of vocabulary, the 'talk for Writing' and Talk for Reading' programs that are implemented and the use of explicit pedagogy for foundational knowledge.

The fifty strong staff ensure students experience success at school and provide relevant, often innovative programs in a supportive environment. Staff are continually updating their skills to ensure students achieve their potential. Literacy, Numeracy, Science, ICT, The Arts and the learning environment are constant priority areas and receive considerable professional learning investment. Middle Swan Primary School works to ensure all students feel safe at school through conducting evidence-based programs and has strong links with universities, community organisations and education associations. The school also offers specialist programs in Physical Education, Visual Art, Choir, Cycling and the Boonduru music program. In 2021 we have also become part of the Moombaki project that aims to establish a school contextually based indigenous program for all students.

The school benefits from the invaluable presence of the Child and Parent Centre. The centre provides an array of services including:
* Breakfast pickup for students
* Houses the school's breakfast club
* On site Doctor on Mondays
* Talk it Out counselling services
* Parenting Workshops
* Additional Speech therapy services

The school's attendance rate was above the state average for like schools in 2021 which can be directly linked to the support of the Child and Parent Centre combined with the school's focus.

The school is supported by a dedicated group of parents who participate in the School Board, the Parents and Citizens group, the canteen, and assist in classrooms and on excursions. The school has a pastoral care focus and a chaplain who assists parents and students three days a week. An Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer works to support indigenous students in their learning who make up approximately 20% of the school population.

Middle Swan Primary School is renowned for its high quality programs including numeracy, literacy and inquiry learning, where students are encouraged to think for themselves, take responsibility and solve problems.