Swanbourne Primary School (5425)

School Overview

Swanbourne Primary School has a rich history and reputation as a forward-thinking, progressive school with a firm focus on 'High Performance - High Care'.

'STRIVE' is our mindset for building a strong and vibrant school culture that reflects Success, Teamwork, Respect, Innovation, Vision and Excellence.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive and valuing the ideas and support of others. Building positive and productive relationships and partnerships and the need to work together as a caring and supportive team with our stakeholders is very important to us.

Our school is renowned for delivering innovative programs which promote 'inquiry learning' and provide unique experiences that positively influence all domains of student learning. We believe in doing our best for every child. This means providing a curriculum that is engaging, differentiated and balanced in a learning environment that is respectful, safe and caring.
Core shared values such as Respect for Self and Others, Teamwork, Trust, Endeavour and Excellence provide the necessary building blocks for our students to be the best they can be, to become good citizens and to make a valuable contribution to society. These attributes are also a necessary foundation for our students to become resilient learners for life and to 'Strive for Excellence.'

Our school vision is achieved through the efforts of a dedicated team of teaching, leadership and school support staff who work collaboratively with a dynamic and supportive school community. We work together to make a difference for all students at Swanbourne Primary.

We hope you will become an active and supportive member of our school culture and vision.

Yours truly

David Knox