Spearwood Primary School (5421)

School Overview

A sense of belonging, support and wonderful opportunities for today's children to become tomorrow's leaders. That is our commitment to our students.

We foster a positive environment where emphasis is placed upon a strong sense of belonging, Australian Values and success for everyone. Our motto 'Key to the Future' encompasses our strong culture focused on high expectations and developing the next generation of responsible members of society.

We have a whole school approach to teaching and learning. In every classroom, our dedicated and highly skilled team of staff devote an integral part of each day to literacy and numeracy. Great importance is placed on providing a range of opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and leadership in order to contribute successfully to a rapidly changing society. Digital technologies is a priority embedded throughout the school and in 2018, we have partnered with the Federal Government to successfully participate in the Digital Technologies Schools Grant Initiative. This will further support our children to live and work successfully in the 21st century.

To promote balance between a healthy mind and body, we have a physical education specialist program in addition to a strong arts program including specialist areas of music, Italian and visual arts.

We have a high care culture in which staff, students, families and the local community work in partnership to nurture children. At Spearwood Primary School, we embrace a diverse multicultural community and are dedicated to building strong community partnerships through a culturally responsive approach. We have an active Filipino community group which formed in 2017. This enthusiastic group of parents meet regularly each Wednesday, participating in art and craft activities, cooking classes and shared meals; and cultural events both at the school and within the City of Cockburn. In addition to our incredible School Board and P&C, we have strong partnerships with the City of Cockburn, neighbouring schools and community youth services to support our students' success.

Our children are the key to the future. This is why our focus is to ensure that we offer the quality education they deserve in an inclusive, safe and supportive environment where our students not only grow but thrive.

To see our amazing school for yourself, please join us for a personal tour by contacting the office on 9418 1822 or discover more at spearwoodps.wa.edu.au.