Sawyers Valley Primary School (5410)

School Overview

Sawyers Valley Primary School is an Independent Public School catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. We aim to create and foster an environment where children become independent learners, enabling them to take responsible control of their lives and contribute meaningfully to society.

Children at our school are provided with opportunities across all learning areas and are offered specialist programs in science, visual arts, performing arts, Italian, physical education and digital technologies. Talented children have the opportunity to participate in the Primary Extension and Challenge Program and the Instrumental Music School Services program.

Our quality teaching staff are experienced, highly collaborative and work in partnership with you to ensure your child's needs are met. They have a range of expertise in a variety of areas ensuring a dynamic and evolving educational community. Our staff are always willing to promote and share practices with others in the educational community.

Children are involved in a number of sustainability activities such as worm farming, recycling, planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, and running our own chicken house. Our nature play areas, outdoor classroom, onsite wetland and creek provide opportunities for nature and environment based learning. This allows them to develop an awareness of sustainability, stewardship and healthy living habits.

Our school is the heart of our small community and members are heavily involved within the school through the School Board, P&C Associations, facilities improvement and sports committees.

Our history is rich and still alive, with the 'School House' built in 1896 still on site. School volunteers operate a range of activities from the School House for our students and visiting schools to experience a 'Victorian era classroom'.

We encourage you to learn more about what Sawyers Valley Primary School can offer your children.

For more information contact:
T: 9295 1434