Salmon Gums Primary School (5408)

School Overview

At Salmon Gums Primary School, we provide quality educational programs that meet the needs and interests of all of our students. We build a strong learning community around the five Tribes Agreements of Active Participation, Mutual Respect, Personal Best, Attentive Listening and offering Appreciations.
Effective communication between teachers, parents, students, non-teaching staff and the community is integral to the success of our school. This has enabled us to create a positive learning environment for our students and a productive and collaborative working environment for staff.
Reflective practices ensure our staff continuously strive for excellence in all of our students. Student's individual learning needs are identified and catered for within a junior and senior multi-age classroom setting.
Literacy and Numeracy programs are of a high priority within the school; however, a balanced curriculum is offered. The ARTS curriculum is currently included as a specialist subject allowing our students to further develop their understanding of the ARTS strands and build their capacity as visual artists, actors/actresses, musicians and dancers. A focus on STEM and digital technologies through the development of critical and creative thinking skills is providing the opportunity to set our students up as 21st century learners. We pride ourselves on being culturally Responsive and are working to fully implement our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).
Salmon Gums Primary School is one of five schools within a strong Mallee network. Integration and collaboration across this network is vital to ensure our students are provided the opportunity to experience activities that they may otherwise be limited to, due to isolation. We collaborate with our neighbouring school, Scaddan Primary, termly and interact in learning activities and camps annually with all five schools.
Our students are provided opportunities to establish themselves in their areas of strength through various tournaments, sports carnivals and festivals within the Esperance Region. As a school, we want to give our students as many opportunities as possible. We do this by going on many excursions throughout the year, by participating in activities and events at other schools and ensuring we have incursions.
The school has an active P&C Committee that works hard to raise funds to provide resources integral to the school's learning programs. School Council is the interface between the local community and the school. Effective school governance is achieved through collaboration with all stakeholders and utilising an integrated system of decision making.
The school was established in 1926 and has now played a significant role in the Salmon Gums community for over 90 years. With rich traditions, educational experiences and values firmly embedded within the school our students are provided with every opportunity to thrive in their future prospects. Our unique and spectacular school grounds and welcoming environment outline the pride we take in our school. From the inside to the outside we always strive for success.