Safety Bay Primary School (5407)

School Overview

The Safety Bay Mantra is 'Putting Children First'.

Safety Bay Primary School is located within the City of Rockingham, approximately 45 km south of Perth. It has been rebuilt from the original site into a well-planned and resourced school which accommodates a growing population, sitting at just over 700 students.

Our school caters for students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. Since first opening its doors at the Safety Bay Yacht Club in 1942, we have enjoyed a strong and successful partnership with the local community. From these origins strong relationships have been built through the attendance of successive generations of family members at our school. Our reputation for being a friendly, family-oriented school continues to this day.

In 2016, with the support of the community, the school was successful in its application to become an Independent Public School for the beginning of the 2017 school year.

Our purpose is to provide a safe and caring learning environment that encourages all students to fulfil their potential. We ensure that decision making, strategic planning and resourcing align with our mantra of 'Putting Children First'.


These values support our school's vision, goals and beliefs:
* Respect
* Responsibility
* Resilience
* Reflection and
* Relationships


* All students have the capacity to learn;
* Children learn in different ways;
* Children learn best when teaching and learning opportunities align with their specific developmental needs;
* Teaching and learning opportunities should be tailored to meet the individual and the group needs of all students;
* Goal setting and reflection are an integral part of teaching and learning;
* Children learn best when parents are actively involved in their education and
* Optimum learning takes place when strong partnerships exist within and across the school community.

We provide a balanced curriculum that maximises the capacity of all students to reach their potential and challenges individuals to set high expectations for learning. Curriculum delivery across the school focuses on developing the knowledge and skills to enable students to be effective learners. Our collaborative teaching teams and distributed leadership structures allow us to adaptive and reflect to ensure learning programs are meeting the needs of our students.

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