Rockingham Beach Primary School (5397)

School Overview

Rockingham Beach Primary School strives for excellence and has developed a reputation in the community of being a caring and friendly school where every child is treated as a highly valued individual. Students are consistently encouraged to be all that they can be - academically, socially and personally. We have a holistic approach to education. Pastoral care, a strong school community and exposure to a wide range of activities are all important aspects of a child's school experience. It is a school of choice for many parents and their children.

We share our campus with the Education Support Centre which fosters integration and the opportunity to promote inclusiveness, tolerance and empathy. As an Independent Public School, our staff readily adapts to change and are committed to improving the outcomes of all children.

We offer a broad curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Year 6 with a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. It focuses on the achievement of outcomes as described in the WA K-10 Curriculum and Assessment Outline. Specialist programs in visual arts, music, Japanese and physical education enrich the school curriculum. As an accredited KidsMatter school, we have a strong focus on developing positive mental health and early intervention for students at risk. We deliver a rigorous social and emotional learning program to build students' resilience and empathy.

Our vision reflects contemporary excellence and inclusiveness, and encompasses our school motto of Aspire and Achieve Together. We believe every child can learn. We inspire children to unleash a passion for learning to realize their aspirations and exceed their potential. We empower teachers through meaningful collaborative practice to make learning visible and develop a growth mindset. We have a relentless focus on improvement. We foster students' curiosity, determination, resourcefulness, reflection and resilience to become successful, lifelong learners.

Our school is committed to being a 'Visible Learning' school, reflecting the evidence-based research of John Hattie. We embed strategies across the school to maximise our impact on student learning.

At Rockingham Beach Primary School, we ...
* Are committed to the pursuit of excellence through high expectations of student performance, achievement and behaviour
* Provide a student-centred, engaging and relevant curriculum to extend and challenge students
* Foster an innovative and collaborative learning community characterised by high quality teaching in every classroom
* Develop confident, optimistic individuals to be active citizens who make responsible choices
* Nurture the 'whole child' through a focus on positive social and emotional development
* Value and nurture positive partnerships between staff, students, parents and the wider community

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