Rangeway Primary School (5388)

School Overview

Rangeway Primary School is located within the Mid-West Education District in the City of Geraldton. In 2020 Rangeway PS operated with 2 Kindergarten classes, 2 Pre-Primary classes and 12 Year 1 to 6 classes, with an enrolment of 292 at the start of the year.

The school's student population is comprised of 74% Indigenous students and our student transiency rate sits at approximately 60%.

The Rangeway community is considered to be socio-economically disadvantaged as identified through an ICSEA of 719, which places it in the tenth decile of social disadvantage.

We have a 'Child and Parent Centre - Rangeway' located on site since 2015, supporting children 0 - 8 years old and families throughout the wider Geraldton community. We utilise many support programs and agencies through the centre including;
* Child Health Nurse,
* Allied Health Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy,
* Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY Program)
* Kindy Readiness and Orientation Programs
* Strong Self Strong Spirit resilience building program
* Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

The school promotes social development through the 'Zones of Regulation' program in Junior Primary and the 'Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies' (PAThS) program used in middle and upper primary.

The school has established and maintained very strong interagency partnerships to support students at risk. We have both a School Chaplain and a School Psychologist on site to support students at risk. We also link with Desert Blue Connect and Helping Minds, amongst other agencies, to access support in the pastoral care/emotional well-being realm for our students.

The school prioritises:
* Literacy and Numeracy achievement - through a Tiered Response to Intervention to cater for all academic abilities. We have several tiered responses to support learning for all students, including Direct Instruction, Synthetic Phonics and a Dyslexia Support Program. Specialist and Support staff are utilised in classrooms during Literacy/Numeracy Blocks to support student achievement.
* Early Childhood Education - Utilising the National Quality Standards and Early Years Framework we link with other agencies, including the Child and Parent Centre and Allied Health, to provide a wraparound service to support all developmental facets of Early Childhood Education.
* Aboriginal Education - Linking with community organisations wherever possible, like Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Corporation, we continually strengthen our focus in Aboriginal education and achievement through the Aboriginal Cultural Standards framework. We are committed to closing the gap by having an early intervention support approach, building community partnerships where possible, strengthening home/school relationships, providing Wajarri as our Language Area and utilising Aboriginal Islander Education Officers to provide shoulder to shoulder support for our students.
* Attendance and Well-Being - Our commitment to improve student attendance is evident through whole school rewards and initiatives, provision of emergency lunches and uniforms whenever required, appointment of an Attendance Officer within the school and a continual focus throughout the school to reinforce to both students and parents that Every Day Counts.
'Well-Being' incorporates student engagement, behaviour and social/emotional development. At RPS we encourage a hands-on, co-operative learning focus where all students are actively engaged in their learning while also building their social skills. Our Tiered approach to behaviour incorporates a whole school plan which caters for 85% of the school population, an individualised response with specific programs for another 10% and an intensive support plan with interagency involvement for the final 5%. This, combined with our Zones of Regulation and PAThS programs, provide the solid structures and expectations to allow all students to reach their educational potential.

These priorities, combined with high quality teaching and leadership encourage and support students to achieve their potential and realise our vision at Rangeway PS where;

'All students will graduate with the necessary skills and knowledge in literacy, numeracy and social competencies to allow them to achieve to their potential in secondary school. This strong foundation will allow them to Dream and Believe, Strive and Succeed.'