Queens Park Primary School (5386)

School Overview

Queens Park Primary School is an Independent Public School with a rich history of providing quality public schooling since 1905. For over 110 years we have educated, inspired and nurtured. Our wonderful teachers and support staff are all dedicated to ensuring your child develops the understanding, skills and attitudes relevant to their individual needs.

We have a strong focus on nurturing the 'whole' child and providing a supportive learning environment that empowers students to achieve both academically and socially, enabling your child to fulfil their potential as adults, and to contribute positively to society. Our school motto 'Strength through Knowledge' reflects the dedicated work ethic of our staff and their vision to see that students are well prepared to fulfil their aspirations. This motto underpins every teaching and learning task undertaken at the school.

We offer a comprehensive support program for new students and our teaching and learning programs and school community events actively encourage the sharing of all cultures. Literacy and numeracy are of critical importance, and we have made teaching these a whole school focus. Our curriculum also recognises that your child's health and well-being, decision-making skills and ability to take responsibility is vital. We teach these through empowerment and positive reinforcement.

The school has a range of motivating programs for all children including Science, Humanities and Social Science, Music, Health and Physical Education and Oral Language and Drama. We cater for children who are academically gifted through the Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) program and musically talented through Instrumental Music School Services, where selected children are taught classical guitar. We also support children who require extra assistance to achieve academically. Sport is promoted through our Physical Education Program and a focus on Oral Language and Drama is a strength within the school. Our annual Art Exhibition is always received very positively by our community and local businesses.

Queens Park Primary School is a beautiful, well maintained school with beautiful natural surrounds. Whilst the traditional heritage of our site is valued and celebrated, ensuring our students have modern facilities that enhance learning and participation is vital. A new music room, art room and library are recent building additions. We have created an environment that will instil a love of learning in your child. Having fun at school is important and we want our children to laugh every day.

We are more than a school. We are a community brought together by the common goal of preparing our children for the new millennium. For your child to succeed, education must be a priority, and they need to be challenged and supported every step along the way. At Queens Park Primary School, we will work with you to ensure your child thrives. Together we will help them achieve their best.

For more information, please contact us:

T: 9458 2837
E: QueensPark.PS@education.wa.edu.au