Picton Primary School (5377)

School Overview

At Picton Primary School we focus on the development of each child by providing them with opportunities to strive to achieve their potential in a caring, supportive and safe environment. We believe that every child can achieve their potential, but to do so, children need to feel safe, attend regularly and be actively engaged in their learning. Our vision is to enhance our already positive school culture and improve the prerequisites and enablers of learning to maximise student achievement. We want to create responsible students who show respect and strive for success to achieve their full potential. As well as seeking excellence in all learning areas, students are provided with opportunities to develop skills, attitudes and values that will equip them for high school and beyond. We endeavour to instil a love of learning, respect, care and tolerance for other people and a determination to succeed.

Staff are committed to the care and development of every child. We understand that the quality of the teacher, and their teaching, can have the most significant impact on students' progress. The Picton staff are a professional group of people; dedicated, caring and passionate in the vital work of educating children. We work together in a common direction to create and maintain a school culture that enables every child to be safe, feel safe and thrive with their learning.

In our school, leadership is a shared responsibility that involves people working together, galvanised in their pursuit of a common goal. Staff wellbeing is essential to maximise their effectiveness, and hence we prioritise the wellbeing of every member of the Picton staff. Caring, trusting, mutually respectful and professional relationships are essential elements of our school's culture.

Effective management of policy, procedures and resources (people, physical and financial) is critical to a school's success. Picton Primary is an Independent Public School with a very effective School Board that works alongside the school leadership team providing advice, support and governance. Effective governance can enhance school improvement and strengthen accountability.

The Parents and Citizens Association are an active and effective organisation, providing some much needed support to the school and the opportunity for parents to contribute in meaningfully ways. At Picton Primary School, there is a strong sense of community spirit evident in so many ways, but more specifically through terrific parental support. Picton parents are valued partners in the education of their children.

Picton Primary School is located in the city of Bunbury, approximately 150 km south of Perth. The school is set in a tranquil environment surrounded by expansive grassed play areas and include; nature playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, football, cricket and soccer fields and extensive shaded play areas. Our children thoroughly enjoy playing in such a magnificent environment.