Orange Grove Primary School (5364)

School Overview

About Orange Grove Primary School

Orange Grove Primary School is a small metropolitan school set in a beautiful rural setting located on the edge of the Darling Escarpment near Bickley Reservoir. Our school has a long and proud history from 1923 and while tradition is an important part of our culture, our focus is on preparing children for the future.

Orange Grove's reputation for inclusivity, quality educational programs, use of technology, unique environment and smallness attracts students from a variety of areas. We offer a diverse range of subjects including music, drama, art and crafts, African drumming, physical education and guitar which are taught by specialist teachers.

Our school caters for up to 150 children from Kindergarten to Year 6. We have a strong ethos of being a warm, caring and friendly community where every child is treated as a valued individual as guided by our motto of 'Friendship and Achievement'. Our school will give children a good solid start to their educational journey. Research shows that children are likely to have a number of careers in their life and we want to ensure that they have the skills and confidence to face whatever challenges come their way.

Orange Grove Primary School became an Independent Public School in 2015. Our educators are very professional and have a strong sense of pastoral care, engage in all educational initiatives, work closely with each other and parents, aiming to provide programs which meet individual needs and produce results that are very positive.

The sense of community that exists between parents, staff and students is an integral part of Orange Grove and a source of pride for all. A strong community support has been a feature of this school and the community has worked actively towards providing additional resources for the school.

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