Nungarin Primary School (5357)

School Overview

Nungarin Primary School is a small rural school located 41km north of Merredin. Nungarin has a very rich military history and houses one of the largest collections of military memorabilia in the district at the local Military Museum. The major industry is farming and agriculture, and Nungarin is serviced by Merredin.

Our primary school is a very important part of this close-knit community. We actively partake in local activities and encourage community members to engage with us and assist in our school.

We cater for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. Central to our school's purpose is high quality, explicit learning across all curriculum areas with a strong focus on English and Mathematics. Our school is renowned for professional staff and a strong commitment to giving children the best educational opportunities. Your child will enjoy small class groupings, enabling detailed individualised teaching and learning. Expectations placed on your child's performance will be realistic, high, and achievable.

Your child will enjoy an engaging and comprehensive curriculum including ICT, music, visual arts, and Physical Education; as well as participating in Indonesian online. Students regularly connect with neighbouring schools in our network for a range of interschool activities throughout the year, including incursions, excursions, athletic and swimming carnivals which broadens their learning program and assists them in developing lasting friendships with neighbouring communities.

Teaching and support staff are experienced and have created an effective and high performing team which benefits each child. There are high expectations placed on student behaviour, encouraging each child to be their best self. Our focus for our students and staff for 2023 and beyond, is building capacity, supporting, and improving social and emotional wellbeing for all our stakeholders and school community members.

The school is well resourced with updated sporting equipment, a modern library and the latest ICT equipment which includes new interactive whiteboards, individual devices, and robots for coding. The school boasts several impressive, well-maintained sun sheltered play areas to suit all ages. There are lush lawns, attractive gardens, and a vegetable garden which is planned, created, and maintained with full student involvement.

At Nungarin Primary School the rich, harmonious, and friendly tone of the students, parents, families, and the broader community bring together the perfect atmosphere for a student to establish a sense of belonging, enhance learning opportunities and thrive toward their goals.

If you would like to know more about our school and need to enrol your child/children, please contact our friendly office staff on 90464300.