Nullagine Primary School (5355)

School Overview

Nullagine Primary School is set in the picturesque town of Nullagine - 200 km North of Newman and 100 km South of Marble Bar. It is in a very spectacular part of the Pilbara, surrounded by rugged spinifex covered hills which are dotted with abandoned mine shafts. During the good rain years the waterholes and wildflowers are spectacular. Access to the town is by unsealed roads.

The school serves the Irrungadji Community of Martu people and children of service workers. We cater for students from K-12 in 3 classes with students grouped around phases of development. The Martu students all have English as a Second Language and Aboriginal English is the first dialect of English they speak. Standard Australian English is used only in the school setting.

The school employs local people to provide nutrition and uniform programs. Health (Nutrition and Personal Hygiene) and Physical Education is an ongoing focus for the whole school. All students are encouraged to promote making healthy choices through a variety of strategies. Local people are also

Literacy and Numeracy are, however, our key focus areas. All students are ESL and move regularly to other communities for ceremonial and family business. The school is involved in Direction Instruction which is taught each and everyday for every student in the primary school. All students are engaged in 'real' reading, writing and speaking activities from all aspects of the curriculum.

Vocational Education and Training is a major focus for our Secondary students. Our aim is for all our secondary students to leave Nullagine Primary with a TAFE or WACE qualification. Over the next few years the students will be working towards TAFE Certificates in Conservation and Land Management, Business and Indigenous Art. This will be married with an enterprise program with the aim of setting up a small business.

Enterprise: We have a school of talented artists. The secondary-aged young women have a flourishing Arts Enterprise, screen printing their designs onto tea towels, tablecloths and calico bags and selling them throughout WA and world-wide. Pirrka (meaning bold or cheeky in the local dialect) Designs has been established by the students to further diversify and enhance their other skills and encourage sustainability.

Nullagine Primary School has an admirable relationship with all its parents, caregivers and the community at large. We are prepared to work together to allow each and everyone of the children to achieve their full potential and make their way safely and confidently through society.