Newdegate Primary School (5347)

School Overview

Located in the Great Southern agricultural region of WA, approximately 400 km south-east of Perth. We are a small school with enrolments fluctuating from 40 - 45 children. These numbers allow us to currently run three classrooms. Our children benefit from specialised teachers with expertise in the areas of Music, Science, Visual Arts, LOTE (Indonesian) and Physical Education. Up to date class resources complement our skilled and professional teachers and include; E Boards in every classroom, Laptops for each child, digital cameras, iPads and a printer in each room.

Newdegate Primary School's vision is to prepare students to be productive community members who achieve their best through life-long learning. Our focus is to develop the potential of our students so they can maximise educational opportunities in academic, social, physical and creative skills. Our class sizes give us the space and opportunity for individualised teaching programs that foster the 'whole child' and create a safe nurturing learning environment for our students.

Our School Values are: Independence: Self respect and self resilience
Achievement: We set standards and expectations that challenge us to progress
Belonging: We appreciate individuality, value the contributions of others, and appreciate our own worth and our surrounding environment.
Citizenship: We contribute positively to our school and wider community to ensure they are better places to live and learn.

The on-site swimming pool, kindergarten, early childhood centre, Library, under-covered area and administration area, as well as our large open play areas are features of our school. The school uses its dedicated Library not only for book borrowing and research but also for our very successful Music programme.

Three buses service Newdegate Primary, as our students are predominately from farming families or families that work in the agricultural support services.

Newdegate is committed to collaborating with other schools, particularly schools in our Lakes Network to continuously improve school practices and approaches with an annual SDD of collaboratively chosen learning provided for neighbouring schools. Currently, across the whole school we adopt an Explicit Teaching model, have discrete Literacy and Numeracy blocks, use agreed Co-Operative Learning Strategies, Graphic Organisers, Talk for Writing and 7 Steps for Writing, Guided Reading, Heggerty to Letters and Sounds to Spelling Mastery dependent on level and Paul Swan mental strategies, with Multi-Lit as our Intervention strategy.

Newdegate Primary hosts an annual NAIDOC event, an annual Interschool Swimming Carnival and Interschool Cross-Country Competition for neighboring schools to ensure our students have the best opportunities.

Newdegate's local community reflects the values that we promote in our school. We are extremely fortunate to benefit from a very supportive and active community that always has an invested interest in our students and our school, particularly through our School Council, P&C, Community Cropping and Newdegate Machinery Field Day Committee.

For more information contact: 9871 1600