Mount Margaret Remote Community School (5329)

School Overview

Mt Margaret Aboriginal Community is situated 32 kilometres south west of Laverton on an unsealed road and 330 kms north east of WA's largest provincial city, Kalgoorlie. Mt Margaret was extensively mined for gold in the late 1800s and the original Mt Margaret Mission was established in the 1920s. The small community is run by AMOS (Aboriginal Movement for Outback Survival) with an elected chairperson and manager. The population of Mt Margaret is approximately 90. In 2004 a significant upgrade to the community saw the roads sealed and 8 modern, new houses built. Power is supplied by diesel generators and water is obtained from a bore. There are no shopping, medical or fuel supplies currently available in the community. The present school facilities were established in 1978 and officially opened in 1982.

The school caters for K to Year 6. Aboriginal English is the first language of most of the students, but there are some small cohorts for whom Ngaanyatjarra or Wangkatha is their first language. The traditional language, Wangkatha, is taught as a subject. The large school playground is enhanced by mature trees and neat garden and lawn areas. The students share the responsibility for maintaining the attractive environment.

The Mt Margaret area is semi-desert, with the majority of the rainfall occurring from December to March. Summertime temperatures are stable, with a night time minimum of about 20 degrees, rising to the high 30s and 40s during the day. In winter temperatures can drop to 4 degrees at night and rise to around 17 - 24 degrees during the day. On venturing just one km past the rocky slopes of Mt Margaret, one encounters the magnificent shores of Lake Carey, a 130 km long, dry salt lake, bordered by awesome colourful shale and sandstone cliffs and occasionally offering up gold nuggets that attract prospectors from all over Australia. In early spring the area bursts into a profusion of wild flowers with occasional fresh water pools and rock holes.

School priorities in 2015 are literacy and numeracy. The school has a strong values program based on the Australian Curriculum and the Plan for Government Schools and contextualised specifically for Mt Margaret School and Community. The school behaviour management plan reflects these values and the emphasis is on students learning to manage their own behaviour, a strategy which is fully supported by students, staff and parents/ carers.

The school and community have an excellent relationship with local mining companies who support the school in various ways, including our healthy lunch program and provide opportunities for employment.

Mt Margaret School exists as an integral part of the Mt Margaret Community. It is committed to providing a flexible, caring learning environment that recognises Aboriginal culture to ensure learning opportunities for all students to achieve success through a quality education.

If you are seeking adventure, Aboriginal culture and a taste of Outback Australia then Mt Margaret is hard to beat!