Mount Manypeaks Primary School (5328)

School Overview

Mt Manypeaks Primary School is an exciting, attractive small rural school that prides itself in offering a welcoming ambience and a strong family focus. We offer a safe, caring environment that provides a strong foundation for the educational and social/emotional needs of all students.

Located 40km east of Albany on the South Coast Hwy, our school is nestled between bushland, forests and farms. Our small community is particularly proud of their local school and has eagerly supported our school through the decades to ensure academic and social achievements of our current and future children is of a very high standard. Our motto of 'Endeavour' encourages our children to aspire to reach their full potential, both within our school and in the community in which they live.

Our School Council comprises an active group of interested parents, community members and staff who have clear visions of a stimulating learning environment that addresses student needs and provides a strong foundation for the children of Mt Manypeaks as they transition to high school and future careers.

Our P&C Committee is outstanding. Our parents are to be congratulated for their commitment, drive and enthusiasm in ensuring active participation in the school is always at the forefront. Fundraising, supporting our children in classrooms, at carnivals and school events and providing much needed help with our school grounds reflects the strong bond between school and community.

The Mt Manypeaks staff are experienced, dedicated and work as a dynamic team. We apply a continuous improvement model to reflect on and improve the quality of our teaching and learning programs for all students. We embrace best practice to ensure each child has opportunity to develop their potential in vibrant multi-age classrooms. Each staff member, teaching and non-teaching, has expertise in a range of areas. We also appreciate the support of our School Chaplain. The combination of these skills provide a motivating learning experience for our children.

Our school comprises two energetic classrooms of children. The Senior Room engages our Year 3 - Year 6 children and the Junior Room is 'centre of the universe' for our delightful Kindergarten- Year 2 children. Whilst language and mathematics is at the core of our school focus, our children also experience high standards of learning in HASS, science, art and physical education. As with most small schools, our children thrive on sport.

Our children enthusiastically participate in their languages other than English (Japanese) lessons with a dedicated language specialist and excitedly take part in choir and band practice.

An exciting focus on 'Sustainability' is embedded at Mt Manypeaks. Our children actively support recycling, are energy conscious and thrive on their opportunity to work in their vegetable garden. Our well-equipped school kitchen is a hive of activity with healthy cooking, taking advantage of the children's vegetable garden. At Mt Manypeaks we effectively dovetail 'all things sustainable' into our classroom learning.

Positive, engaged students, committed and involved teachers, dedicated non-teaching staff and a supportive community that values education, makes Mt Manypeaks an inspiring school.

Contact details:
Phone: (08) 9846 1269
Address: 43731 South Coast Hwy
Manypeaks WA 6328