Dianella Primary College (5309)

School Overview

As an Independent Public School we aim to provide opportunities for children to develop their intellectual, physical, social, cultural and emotional skills. We believe that every child has the right to the best possible education, and the educational process is best served when the school, the child, the teacher and the parent/carer work together in a positive way to support learning.

Our school forms part of the Dianella Education Precinct, as it is located adjacent to Dianella Secondary College and Dianella Secondary College Education Support Centre, offering students a seamless K-12 education precinct. Our school currently has approximately 300 students, one third of them enrolled in the on-site Intensive English Centre.

Our students are provided with excellent educational opportunities designed around their individual needs. Literacy and Numeracy are a key focus for our school and we have specialist programs in Physical Education, ICT, Music, Literacy and Science. Technology is also integrated into learning programs for all year groups.

Our experienced educators and support staff are committed to building and supporting a safe learning environment for all our students. The Dianella Precinct Board together with the Parents and Citizens' Association support the running of our school. The P&C body works with our school to provide a wide range of educational resources for students and to foster a sense of community. We have also developed long running partnerships with volunteers and associated organisations to support and complement our school's programs.

The local community reflects the richness and diversity of families who have English as an Additional Language. Our schools expansive, attractive purpose built facilities enhance the learning experiences of all students. On site we have a nature and spare parts play area which provides a captivating environment for junior children to play and engage with each other in nature.