Mingenew Primary School (5307)

School Overview


Mingenew is a progressive rural community set in picturesque and undulating farmland. It enjoys all the lifestyle benefits of rural living and yet is only 35 minutes from the coast and 1 hour from the city of Geraldton. It is a safe, happy community with a very low crime rate and a great place to discover what rural living is all about. The town is situated approximately 105km south east of Geraldton, with an approximate population of 600 people, of whom over 60 per cent reside on farms. Half of the students at school make use of the four bus services.

Mingenew is the largest grain receival point in the southern hemisphere and there is a large number of industrial businesses in the town to support the farming industry. The major source of industry is grain, sheep and cattle farming with a substantial farm tree nursery adding to the variation of industries around the district. The businesses and employment in the town are closely dependent on the rural activities.

Mingenew Primary School is a very happy and social school. All students are familiar with each other and the school creed of 'Pride and Persistence' reflects a stimulating and caring environment where lasting friendships are made between teachers, parents and students. Students are actively encouraged in all endeavours, academic, artistic, sport or otherwise.

Staff structure includes 4 teachers, (Including Principal), a part time DOTT relief teacher, two Teacher Assistants, a Registrar, Library Officer, an Aboriginal Islander Education Officer, two School Cleaners, and a Gardener.

The school buildings and gardens are well maintained. The classrooms are bright, air conditioned and conducive to teaching and learning. School buildings include an Early Childhood wing that also houses the Computer room and Community room, a Middle/Senior wing, an Administration block, a transportable building that is used for explicit instruction programs, a Library and Resource Centre, a Arts/Music building and several storage sheds. Garden and lawn areas are reticulated, as is half of the school oval. The Kindergarten section is on campus and has its own playground equipment, while the primary students have their own separate playground.

Multi aged class structures include K, PP/1 2/3, 4/5/6 classes. Timetabling allows for collaborative planning after an early close on Tuesdays. School's priorities for 2015 encompass Mathematics: Number and Algebra, English: Grammar and Punctuation, Reading and Writing. Each priority is well supported with appropriate funding and resources.

The School Council is a vital and active body within the school in the area of school development planning and communication to the wider community. The P & C is a well represented body which provides great support to the school through extensive fund raising, work and sports committees. Their involvement in school activities is very high. The student numbers at the school have remained fairly constant throughout the various phases of economic climates.

Within the local community sporting activities are keenly supported and include tennis, football, cricket, netball, lawn bowls, polo-crosse and hockey. During March the Turf Club holds a race meeting while the Midwest Mingenew Lions Expo is held in September. Coalseam Park is a Reserve area where history states that it was here that the first coal was mined in W.A. in 1846. Wildflowers in season are a drawcard for many visitors to the area.