Midvale Primary School (5303)

School Overview

Midvale Primary School (MPS) is located approximately 20km from the Perth CBD, within the City of Swan. As a community we create a safe learning environment driven by high expectations for all students to achieve success in all areas. The school motto is Together Everyone Achieves More. This understanding forms the foundation of a truly collaborative approach between staff, students, families and the wider community to change lives and expand possibilities. MPS caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Current enrolment is approximately 285. The staff are committed to providing innovative programs in a well resourced, supportive and safe environment. The school staff continually update their skills to ensure the teaching and learning at MPS is the best it can be and all students achieve the best they are capable of. MPS is renowned for it's outstanding pastoral care and excellent early intervention strategies. It has a reputation for being inclusive and providing quality education programs, especially for those with individual needs. The development of whole school plans in Literacy and Numeracy ensures the effective delivery of the Australian Curriculum. Great importance is placed on providing opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute successfully to a rapidly changing society. In 2021 MPS completed 3 years in The Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program. We are looking forward to the positive effect it will have on overall school achievement.

Midvale Primary School believes great teaching and learning takes place in an environment which:

*Is built on the foundation that every child can learn and succeed.
*Is safe and respectful.
*Is inclusive.
*Is purposeful.
*Responds to individual differences.
*Has positive teacher - student relationships.
*Encourages risk taking.
*Students are actively engaged in the learning process.
*Student's work is displayed - marked.
*Success is celebrated.
*All staff, students and parents have shared goals.

The school supports curriculum implementation through Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), enabling the students to engage in learning in a safe and respectful environment. At Midvale Primary School, students are Safe, Thoughtful, Achievers and Respectful. All rooms have an interactive tv to ensure easy access to Information Technology. There is a library resource centre; a computer laboratory; a purpose built Early Childhood Education centre and a covered assembly area.