Menzies Community School (5298)

School Overview

The town of Menzies is situated 130kms north of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and 110kms south of Leonora. Serving a mining, pastoral and local Aboriginal community, Menzies is the home of Wangkatja people who maintain strong family links to the town and surrounding country. Menzies is also a popular tourist destination with nearby Lake Ballard attracting international visitors.

Menzies Community School caters for students from Years K - 12. Approximately 120 people live in Menzies and in recent times the school's student population has ranged between 35 - 40 students.

Strong community partnerships are a distinctive feature of Menzies Community School and the community plays an active role in supporting the school and in ensuring that students attend school when they are in the community.

In collaboration with neighbouring schools and other agencies we are in the process of expanding our programs to cater for increasing numbers of secondary students. Students also have the option of studying through the School of Isolated and Distance Education while attending our school.

For many years our school has used a variety of best practice and innovative programs to improve overall school performance. We believe that it is important to work collaboratively with families in order to improve their capacity to meet the needs of their children. We use an integrated multi-agency approach to assist families and students, with a strong focus on prevention, assessment and intervention to achieve targeted outcomes for students. We believe that a focus on early childhood development will improve outcomes for students as they move through school and transition from secondary school to meaningful training / employment is a key community priority.

The town of Menzies has a colourful history which makes it unique in many ways. Menzies was proclaimed a municipality in 1895 following the discovery of gold. During this period Menzies boasted 13 hotels, 3 banks, its own breweries and cordial factories, a Post Office with a staff of 25, a school with 205 pupils, a public library and 4 churches. Menzies School opened its doors in 1897 and the original school building and teachers' house are still in use today. Following a pattern which has become typical of many gold mining towns, people drifted away and the area declined, however despite these changing fortunes, Menzies has continued to survive.