Marmion Primary School (5288)

School Overview

School Overview

Established in 1956, Marmion Primary School is an Independent Public School with a reputation for consistently providing quality learning opportunities that enable students to achieve their potential. We achieve high standards academically and strive to provide a holistic education, with a focus on students and teachers pursuing personal excellence.

Our experienced and dedicated staff provides high quality learning programs that cater for the individual needs of all kindergarten to Year 6 students. The strong community and parental support at Marmion Primary School contributes greatly in enhancing these learning opportunities where there is:
* a culture of ensuring students learn and improve,
* the latest digital technology is used to support learning,
* a continued focus on non-core subjects (arts),
* a focus on enhancing staff capabilities, and
* a commitment to community partnerships.

Respect, consideration, tolerance, responsibility and honesty are the five core values that have been identified by students, staff and parents to form the basis upon which we seek to achieve personal targets and interact positively with others.

The purpose of Marmion Primary School is to provide opportunities for its students to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual academic, social, emotional and physical potentials in order to play an active role in the community. This enables the focus to be on the whole child.

The school's outstanding Music program includes; instrumental tuition for clarinet, violin, cello, trumpet and viola, and the school choir, and a string ensemble. Students perform regularly and The Music Night is a highlight on the school calendar. Specialist Programs are also provided in Physical Education, Languages (German) and Visual Arts.

Classrooms are air-conditioned and networked with multimedia facilities. The school grounds are well developed and include; multi-purpose hard courts, ovals and specialised playgrounds to provide an interactive environment.

Parental support of the school's strategic directions as set out in the Business Plan is very strong. The School Board is an informed body of parents, staff and community members overseeing the school's implementation of its Business Plan and the Department of Education's Delivery and Performance Agreement.

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