Manjimup Primary School (5284)

School Overview

Manjimup Primary is one of two public schools located in the town of Manjimup. With a school history of 100 years its ties with the community are strong with generations of families having attended the school.

A changing economical focus from the traditions of farming, forestry and timber milling to viticulture, eco-tourism and timber plantations provides a diverse resource base to support the school and enhance learning programs.
Recent relocation to a new school at a site which it shares with the Education Support Centre and Senior High School has further developed the sense of community and supports a sharing of resources to better meet the needs of students.

The new school facilities greatly enhance the schools ability to deliver teaching & learning reflective of modern teaching practises. Important within these are the use of information, communication technologies.
The stability of student and staff numbers contributes to the successful implementation of long-term strategies. Staff are experienced, well-qualified and have professional attitudes which show dedication to the well-being of students. Pastoral care is recognised by the community as one of the school's strengths.