Mandurah Primary School (5283)

School Overview

Mandurah Primary School is an Independent Public School located less than a kilometre away from the picturesque Mandurah estuary. Founded in 1872, our school caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6 and provides them with a caring and nurturing learning environment.

We value and implement practices that promote personal growth and well-being. We recognise that everyone has the right to feel valued and be safe, understand their rights and obligations, and behave responsibly.

Our positive and challenging teaching programs encourage all children to develop the necessary skills to become active citizens. We are proud of our diverse context and pride ourselves on developing and maintaining positives relationships with our school community.

Our school is building a strong educational resource library to support children and their diverse backgrounds. Our size allows for a more personal approach with all families from our school community.

It's our school team's vision to establish a positive behaviour support culture that promotes a common and consistent approach to behaviour that is supported by students, staff and the school community. Our intention is to improve, sustain, model and explicitly teach expected behaviour to promote a sense of belonging and acceptance in the school and the community that leads to improved academic achievement.

We offer quality education along with state of the art technology in our classrooms. Outside, children in pre-primary and kindergarten enjoy their own outdoor play area and sandpits. Recent updates to school grounds include new a netball and basketball courts surface, fitness track equipment, oval playground equipment, along with the installation of shade structures to enhance play opportunities. The school is fully air-conditioned, providing a pleasant learning environment throughout the year.

We are a learning community committed to the continuous support and improvement of all students in a high care- high achievement environment which celebrates and embraces our diversity.

We welcome you to visit our website or contact us for more information about Mandurah Primary:
T: 9535 1575