Maida Vale Primary School (5282)

School Overview

Maida Vale Primary School is located approximately 20 kilometres from the Perth CBD in the foothills and offers a unique bush setting with nearby local reserve. The school was first opened on 12 February 1912 on a site some 1.5kms north west of the present day location. The building was a single weatherboard and iron classroom and the sixteen pupils were in the charge of the school's first teacher, Miss Ida Lee. This first bush land setting was rather secluded and was not even serviced by a road.

In 1925 the building was relocated to the present site and since that time, the school has maintained a steady growth, commensurate with the housing development in the area.

The present day facility still enjoys considerable bush environment together with well-developed wooded lawn areas and the immediate proximity of the Maida Vale Oval Reserve, allows the use of extensive sporting facilities

The current day buildings range in age from the late 1970's to our Bindi Bindi Covered Assembly Area that was completed in 2021.

The School became an Independent Public School in 2015 and the School caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

The classrooms are well appointed with interactive whiteboards in each classroom and a shared banks of iPads and laptop computers for students to develop their ICT skills.

Maida Vale Primary School's strong reputation makes us a school of choice for the community we serve. We pride ourselves on creating a learning environment that is warm and welcoming, and focused on excellence. Our purpose is to be a 'collaborative, supportive and empowering learning community'.

Our teaching staff deliver evidence-based learning programs that are inclusive of all children, while still meeting their individual needs. Our specialist programs include Music, English, Italian, Science and Physical Education. We also have programs for children at educational risk.

There is strong and mutual respect between our school and the community, with support from the School Board and Parents and Citizens Association

The 2021 - 2024 Business Plan developed for Maida Vale Primary School is applicable to our community and reflects the aspirations by the Department of Education for every student in every public school:
* Unlock and fulfil their learning potential.
* Develop the personal and social attributes that form the basis for future wellbeing.
* Achieve year on year growth in their learning throughout their schooling.
* Be equipped with contemporary and emerging work capabilities.
* Be prepared to take the step beyond school into further education, training or work.

This Business Plan presents the processes and sets targets that the school and wider community will achieve. It outlines the ongoing practices, behaviours and actions that will be implemented.

The ultimate aim for Maida Vale Primary School is to prepare our students to be successful in their future life endeavours beyond primary school.

At Maida Vale we believe that unlocking the potential within every student to be good at life is underpinned by feeling safe in their learning environment, being valued and developing a sense of purpose within the community.
The core beliefs that we promote to achieve this at Maida Vale are:
* Every child matters, every day and;
* Every child can be successful.

Please feel free to visit our school website or contact us for more information:

T: 08 6228 7400