Maida Vale Primary School (5282)

School Overview

Maida Vale Primary School's strong reputation makes us a school of choice for the community we serve. We pride ourselves on creating a learning environment that is warm and welcoming, and focused on excellence. Our purpose is to be a 'collaborative, supportive and empowering learning community'.

Our experienced teaching staff deliver contemporary learning programs that are inclusive of all children, while still meeting their individual needs. Being a 'school of excellence' is a badge of pride that we work hard to maintain. Our specialist programs include music, English, Italian and physical education. We also have programs for children at educational risk.

There is strong and mutual respect between our school and the community, with support from the School Board and Parents and Citizens Association. Excellent parent-teacher support is enjoyed through our 'open door' communication policy.

Kindergarten and Pre-primary children enjoy weekly physical education activities, which includes the Perceptual Motor Program. Children in Years 1 to 6 receive weekly lessons in physical education, visual arts, music, drama and Italian, delivered by specialist teachers.

Our school has adopted a positive values and pastoral program including 'Aussie of the Month', Care Bear awards and participation in 'Friendly Schools' program. We celebrate our successes with the community and strive to continually improve.

We have forged strong partnerships with local community groups, combining music performances and educational displays to celebrate our successes. We are active supporters of numerous charity events and promote an ethos embracing 'generosity of spirit' in our community.

Please feel free to visit our school website or contact us for more information:

T: 08 9454 5260