Maddington Primary School (5281)

School Overview

Maddington Primary School aims to provide a creative and innovative learning environment that is intellectually, emotionally and physically supportive of learning. In fostering this development, our school values reflect the rich diversity of its community and promote positive involvement and interaction between students, staff and parents. Our team of teachers and education assistants are committed to working collaboratively to ensure students benefit from an all-inclusive education.

Maddington Primary School caters for approximately 220 children from Kindergarten to Year 6. The Maddington Primary School ethos is that everyone will be treated with care and respect while inspiring individuals to be the best they can be.

We offer a safe, caring and nurturing environment where all students are given every opportunity to blossom and to achieve their full potential. Our diverse community includes many new arrivals to Australia, with many speaking English as a second language. We are proud of our diverse cultural heritage with students from many nations (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Korea, New Zealand, Samoa, Nigeria, Singapore, Nepal, Zimbabwe and many other countries). While our school still reflects the architecture of the time it was built, our up to date facilities and well trained teachers ensure that all students are not only encouraged, but achieve at their very best.

Families also have access to the Child and Parent Centre - East Maddington. Its aim is to work with local agencies and families to provide integrated services that increase health, well-being and school readiness for young children and their families. Services and programs currently available include child health services, healthy eating workshops, early learning programs, supported and targeted daily playgroups, parenting information, support programs and referrals to other support services. During the school holidays, centre staff run holiday programs packed with fun activities for families to enjoy as well as a healthy morning tea.

Parental participation is encouraged in our classroom programs. Many parents also volunteer to assist in the school library, at sporting events and on other special days. Added to our spirit of cooperation and inclusion, Maddington Primary School and Maddington Education Support Centre share a joint P&C and School Council. We also have a Chaplain at our school four days a week.

Our school has an early childhood centre and a library. All classrooms have new interactive whiteboards, as well as access to iPads and laptops. We have specialist teachers in Art, Science and Physical Education engaging students in targeted lessons in these learning areas.

Our school is supported by local businesses in the area and we continue to strengthen our links with the wider community in order to maximise the educational opportunities for all students.