Lake Gwelup Primary School (5269)

School Overview

Lake Gwelup Primary School is a Level 5 primary school in the heart of a unique community. The school is characterised by a strong sense of belonging which can be attributed to the positive relationships between the students, parents, teachers, and the broader community.

Our school community is proud of its rich history. In 1914, Miss Ella Miller, the Principal, opened the school with an enrolment of 24 students. The original schoolhouse still stands at the front of the now fully rebuilt school.

Today, our school enjoys spacious grounds located amongst a mix of established and new residences. The development in the suburb of Gwelup and the rebuilding of our school in 2010, has seen the school grow from fewer than 30 students in 1914, to becoming a highly sought after school for prospective students and their parents.

Our school values personal excellence and respects diversity - aiming for both high academic performance and emotional and social wellbeing. The school strives to develop resilient individuals that maintain an optimistic outlook on life. Lake Gwelup Primary School embraces new technologies and aims to provide a contemporary education that caters for all. We recognise that each child is an individual and therefore, ensure our teaching and learning approaches are inclusive and differentiated. Our staff are committed to developing the necessary skills to ensure each child in our care is a successful student. We set high expectations of students and, in turn provide effective, evidence based teaching strategies. Staff are committed to shared leadership, collaborative practices, coaching and mentoring of colleagues.

Lake Gwelup Primary School is an Independent Public School that works closely with the school community and values parents as partners in educating the students in its care. The school aims to build a community of learners - with students, families and staff all actively encouraged to share a part in modelling and promoting relationships that show interest in, and respect for each other and learning.

For further information:

T: 9278 0400