Kyilla Primary School (5266)

School Overview

Building a strong foundation for life.

Kyilla Primary School's Business Plan 2015-2017 identifies five key areas:
Improving standards in literacy and numeracy
Providing a safe environment
Productive relationships with the community
Strengthen early childhood education
Develop staff practice

These five areas are those that the staff, School Board and wider community are committed to. We are actively investing resources, time, and professional learning to ensure that we see these areas strengthened and improved.

As an Independent Public School, Kyilla is supported by a School Board which is well informed, actively seeks involvement in decision making and is prepared to ask questions about the school.

The P&C Association is very supportive of the school and its members, as well as the wider community, look for ways to be involved in the school.

All staff are experienced, committed educators who work to offer current and research-based learning programs.

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