Curtin Primary School (5257)

School Overview

Curtin Primary School is located within the City of South Perth and the Canning Education District. As a multi-cultural school with intake areas consisting of Waterford, Manning, Karawara and Como it has a highly regarded mission to ensure that all students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their individual potential and contribute to society.

Whilst the school services both private residential and Homeswest properties, a significant proportion of the student population comes from overseas. As the closest primary school to Curtin University many post graduate students choose to enrol their children at Curtin Primary School. This now includes visa fee-paying students. This funding is used to enrich educational outcomes for all students. The school continues to foster its increasingly close ties with the University through committees, professional associations, student teachers and awards.


The renaming of the school from Koonawarra to Curtin in 2004 with its motto of 'Simply the Best' has had an immediate positive effect on the school population with a significant growth in student numbers. The school is actively marketed within the community as 'a country style school in the heart of the city.'
Small class sizes, attractive teacher/student ratios, together with an excellent pastoral care policy and quality educational outcomes, has seen an enthusiastic and positive response from the community regarding the school.
With support, the future will see the buildings at Curtin Primary School replaced with those reflecting both 21st century education and the prosperity of the area. The future of Curtin Primary School is one of excellence.