Curtin Primary School (5257)

School Overview

Curtin Primary School is a K - 6 school located within the City of South Perth, on the Como/Manning border. Our local intake areas are Waterford, Manning, Karawara and Como. However, we also attract families from outside these areas, because of our ethos.

Curtin Primary is our place.
We are a connected, caring community. Together, we build a strong sense of belonging with all our families, students and staff. We enjoy our diversity, and the richness of cultural backgrounds, and value everyone being supported, safe and known. We are respectful, happy and friendly, and we know each other's names. We strive to achieve our personal best, celebrating each other's academic, creative, physical and social achievements. We are confident to take risks, explore new things and challenge ourselves. We value the lessons we learn from each other, child and adult alike. We build strong connection between teachers, parents and students of all ages working together and playing together. We expand learning outside the classroom walls with hands on, connected activities in a variety of ways and places. We learn in nature and care for our environment building towards a sustainable future. We develop the skills we need for life through innovation, creativity, inquiry, critical thinking and real-life experiences. We are a community that fosters a sense of place, belonging, mastery and fun. We are Curtin Primary School.