Kendenup Primary School (5244)

School Overview

Established in 1922, Kendenup Primary is a rural school approximately 18 kilometres north of Mount Barker and 4 kilometres east of the Albany Highway. The school is a Level 4B school. The school has community connections and receives assistance from the school community in academic, sporting and cultural events.
Our vision is 'to nurture students in a safe and stimulating environment, helping all children develop to their full potential.' To fulfil this vision, the school community is guided by four principles:
1. To encourage students and staff to pursue cooperative, creative and challenging learning and teaching experiences.
2. To promote a secure and supportive emotional environment where all staff and students develophealthy self esteem.
3. To provide an inclusive social framework in which all students and staff respect and value each other as individuals and acknowledge the opinions and differences of others.
4. To stimulate and support the students, staff and community in understanding and practising a healthy lifestyle, through information, activity and interaction with our environment.