Kelmscott Primary School (5243)

School Overview

Kelmscott Primary School
Dynamic schooling. Innovative students. Nurturing community.
Our school has an enrolment of approximately 385 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We foster a positive environment where emphasis is placed on a strong sense of belonging, our moral compass and success for everyone. Our vision of dynamic schooling encompasses our strong culture focused on high expectations and developing the next generation of caring, creative and responsible, active citizens of society. Our school places great importance on providing a range of opportunities for students to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and leadership so that they can contribute to our rapidly changing society.
We are committed to offering a quality education in an inclusive, safe and supportive environment where our innovative students not only grow but thrive. Our students are actively encouraged to achieve their best and we have a high percentage of students accepted into specialist high school programs.
We celebrate our nurturing community as staff, students, families and the local community work in partnership to support our children. In addition to our incredible school board and P&C, we have strong partnerships with the City of Armadale, neighbouring schools and community services to support our students' success.
To promote balance between a healthy mind and body, we have a physical education specialist program in addition to a strong arts program including specialist areas of music, performing arts and visual arts. Students also engage in science and German as specialist learning areas.
While the original school is now long gone, Kelmscott Primary School has a long history, being one of the first schools to be established in the 'suburbs' of Perth. In its early days it provided education to children in a wide area as it was the only school in the region. It has been, and remains, an important and integral part of the Kelmscott community and many of our parents and grandparents attended school here. Much pride is taken from this history and it is recognised as an important factor in the establishment and maintenance of traditions and values that guide our progress.
To see our amazing school for yourself, please join us for a personal tour by contacting the office on 9496 9300.