Kalgoorlie Primary School (5231)

School Overview

At Kalgoorlie Primary School we have a proud and rich history of providing quality educational opportunities for our students. Our learning programs and practices are aligned to our vision - all students achieving their dreams through excellence and knowledge.

Our school leads the way in early childhood education, digital technologies and citizenship. We provide a diverse range of learning experiences in a supportive and motivating environment, where values are emphasised and behaviour expectations are high.

As an Independent Public School we have the flexibility to operate independently and create an environment which fosters exceptional teaching and learning practices. Students across the school have access to specialist programs including The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Science and Digital Technologies. Students with potential barriers to learning, including English as second language, disabilities and learning difficulties, are supported and catered for.

Our staff strive for excellence and are committed and driven by shared values. With a focus on literacy and numeracy, our staff aim to engage all children in relevant and appropriate learning experiences.

Our students are encouraged to become contributing members of the school and wider community. We enable our students be 21st century learners by providing opportunities to engage in dedicated learning spaces where technologies such as 3D printers, iPads, robotics and circuits are utilised. A humanoid called Turbo engages students and arouses their curiosity as they learn to code in an authentic and purposeful way.

Located in the heart of Kalgoorlie, our school community is diverse with students from all backgrounds making for an inclusive and vibrant environment.

We welcome your enrolment enquiry and encourage you to discover more about our school.