Jerdacuttup Primary School (5222)

School Overview

Jerdacuttup Primary School is a delightful school with a small but stable student population.

The school, located on the infamous Rabbit Proof Fence, is only 27 km from Starvation Bay and the beautiful coastline of the South Coast well known for it's fishing and camping opportunities .

Approximately 150 km west of Esperance and 50 km from Ravensthorpe, most students within the school's catchment live on farms. The school is serviced by two bus runs.

The school has a stable, experienced and professional staff which consisting of a Principal, two teachers, one teacher assistant, gardener/handyman, cleaner, a registrar, school officer and a library officer.
Jerdacuttup PS has two classrooms, catering for Years K-3 and 4-6. There is also a Pre-Primary/wet area, library, separate music room, a large shed used for art and science. Ranging from Kindergarten to Year 6, the children are taught in two classes, following the Western Australian Department of Education's developmental curriculum:
Senior room - Years 4 to 6, Junior room - Years K to 3 with kindergarten supervised by an Education Assistant under the teacher's direction.

A computer laboratory gives networked access to broadband Internet (with a ratio of about 1:3) and there is a well resourced library. Children access LOTE (Japanese) online through Centra with SIDE. The school boasts its own green house, worm farm , a waste management program, weather station and a chicken coop. Each student has a school iPad to use at school.
A separate administration building was added in 2005.

The students live up to their motto of 'Caring and Sharing' and behaviour of students is exemplary. Children feel safe in their learning environment, daring to have a go and strive to achieve their maximum potential.

There is a high level of community involvement at Jerdacuttup Primary School. School Council, P&C, Jerdacuttup Community Association and local business all contribute to and support our school. Our strong P & C Association that has funded many projects, some being a PMP shed, library books and new playground equipment for the school. The active School Council is made up of school and parent representatives and is involved in whole school collaborative planning.

The school has an interesting history. In 1964 local parents built a stone school where 8 children did lessons by correspondence. Later that year the Education Department appointed a teacher. The school then boasted 10 students. In 1966 a new building was added. The original school has been moved from its original location and is now a functional and inspiring music room.

Jerdacuttup Primary School's purpose is to ensure all students reach their individual potential by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment that develops their knowledge, skills and confidence.
Teachers are committed to the welfare and well-being of each student and offer them every incentive to achieve their ultimate potential.