Jandakot Primary School (5218)

School Overview

Fly High, Seek Success is our school motto. To achieve this we are committed to developing individual best through individual challenge by way of a whole-school approach and differentiated curriculum. We are child-centred and focussed upon children's learning and their overall development as productive and positive young Australians.

Children, staff, parents and families are happy to be here and all like coming to our Independent Public School, where courtesy, manners and respect are valued. Visitors to our school, based in the southern suburb of Success, consistently tell us that our school has such a lovely feel and great atmosphere.

Relationships are a key priority at our school. Parents and extended family are keen participants at events and often visit the school to celebrate successes and join in. Friendly relationships and honest communication between staff, students and parents is highly valued.

Day to day social and emotional learning is a major emphasis at Jandakot, supported by the implementation of Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) across all year levels.

From an early start, the development of oral language, motor/movement skills and social skills are an emphasis. With this as our basis, your child will move forward with support and individually targeted challenges.

To prepare your child for a society which is increasingly technological, we have a focus on the use of iPads in the classroom to fully support and extend the classroom learning program. As a result, our students are engaged and use their ICT skills in a purposeful and relevant manner.

Our specialist programs provide children with the opportunities to grow in a range of subjects including physical education, music, Italian (LOTE) and science.

Physical fitness and health is encouraged with children participating in some form of daily physical activity. Our physical education program is enjoyed by all children and each child makes personal gains of which they feel proud.

Our Year 3 to 6 school choir is held in high esteem due to their superb performances at a variety of venues. Year 5 and 6 students are eligible to study musical instruments via the Instrumental Music School Program. Year 1 to 6 students enjoy an excellent Italian language program where the emphasis is on speaking, reading and understanding the language.

The science program emphasises engagement and the development of inquiry skills through 'hands on' science. All of our specialist programs are highly acclaimed, greatly enjoyed and achieve high outcomes.

We have a balance of dedicated longstanding and new staff who know, understand and encourage their students, both individually and as a class, nurturing them and caring for their wellbeing. They plan, monitor and target their students addressing individual and group needs within the classroom setting. Mutual respect, trust and prompt communication are a cornerstone of our school.

Our parent bodies (School Board and P&C) are enthusiastic volunteers who lead and share in the focus of our school motto and philosophy.

We welcome you to visit our website or contact us to discover more about our school:

T: 6174 2700
E: Jandakot.PS@education.wa.edu.au