Hilton Primary School (5211)

School Overview

Hilton Primary School aims to enhance the lives of our children by fostering a positive self-concept which allows for intellectual, physical and social development. Catering for around 195 students from Kindergarten to Year 6, our smaller size creates a close and caring school community.

To support students to achieve their full potential, teachers aim to provide a full and balanced curriculum that encourages supported risk taking and provides programs that cater to individual student needs, regardless of their abilities, while challenging their strengths.

Our teaching staff are highly motivated and have a wide range of experiences and expertise. The staff are committed to delivering high quality learning experiences to allow students to achieve to the best of their ability.

Our school's specialist programs include music, visual arts, physical education and Italian, and informational technology is embedded in the curriculum. As an extension of being an iPad Initiative Primary School, Hilton now has a 1:2 ratio of iPads from Years 1 to 6, with sets of six available in the Early Childhood areas. Other technology used includes large screen TV's, Apple TV's, Smart Boards and computers in all rooms.

Hilton Primary School is situated on spacious grounds with multiple play areas, and equipment, new music and art room, together with a new administration block. There are several double classrooms to enhance student learning.

Hilton Primary has a very supportive school community. There is an active P&C that supports the school to enhance the learning and life experiences of the students and arranges many school events such as the Easter Raffle and Welcome to School Picnic together with participation in community events. The School Board adds governance to the school and is a valuable and encouraging asset.

To learn more about our school, visit hiltonps.wa.edu.au.