Hillcrest Primary School (5209)

School Overview

Our Vision: Hillcrest empowers future-focussed learners.

Hillcrest Primary School, together with the wider community, creates a positive learning environment where diversity is celebrated, excellence is encouraged and all children strive to reach their academic, social, physical and creative potential.

We ensure your child is nurtured to become a resilient, independent person with a love of learning. When they graduate they will leave with a complete skill set, confident in their ability to face the challenges of a technologically advanced society. They will be respectful citizens armed with the problem solving skills needed to sustain success.

Our experienced, caring and dedicated staff are passionate and share our vision. We believe that we can make a difference. We work closely in partnership with you to create a learning environment that encourages your child to meet and extend their potential.

We are leading the way in curriculum development, digital literacy and sustainability.

We continually strive to improve the delivery of the curriculum. While our focus is on literacy and numeracy, we also offer a number of additional programs. Development teams work closely with educational experts, specialist teachers and support staff to provide content and support in Sustainability, Media Arts, Music, Physical Education and Japanese.

Our sustainability initiatives are well recognised and practiced by students, staff and families. We have been acknowledged as the Waste Wise School of the Year at the Infinity Awards by the Waste Authority.

As a Positive Behaviour School we acknowledge and celebrate children who are 'Hillcrest STARRs'. Through cooperation and participation, your child will acquire fundamental skills and knowledge to prepare them for a productive and successful future. These values encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and development.

We encourage all families to be involved in their child's education, whether informally through parent information evenings and engaging teachers, or formally through our P&C Association (canteen, uniform shop and fundraising events). Our School Council is strongly represented by active and informed community members who guide and promote decision making.

Community partnerships with a number of local organisations and personalities generously enhance the success of our school. These include our sustainability initiatives; curriculum development; Loose Parts Play; breakfast club; before, after and vacation school care; music extension; remediation, health and fitness groups; and after school community sports.

Hillcrest was founded in 1950 and is prominently situated on the crest of a hill overlooking the City of Bayswater. Tracing its history to before establishment the local Wadjuk people used the distinctive bush setting and sweeping views as a gathering place to share food and impart the wisdom and knowledge of crafting tools, spears and cooking implements. This relationship with Noongar Land is recognised in the naming of our buildings.

We encourage you to visit us and see what we can offer your child.

T: 9238 1000
E: Hillcrest.PS@education.wa.edu.au
W: hillcrestps.wa.edu.au