Highgate Primary School (5207)

School Overview

Highgate Primary School is a Kindergarten to Year 6 school. It was established in 1895, making it one of the oldest primary schools in Western Australia. It is situated in the suburb of Highgate, only 2 kilometres from the CBD. Being close to the CBD allows the students to easily access facilities such as the Museum, Art Gallery, Courthouse, and Parliament House.

School Community: Our current school population is 970, and approximately 80 students attend our Intensive English classes. The school community, though changing, still represents over 50 different nationalities. Our unique cultural diversity provides a practical understanding of the global community for our students and is a highly valued feature of our school.

The Highgate school community is drawn from local suburbs surrounding the school, but also, due to the Intensive English Classes we offer and its inner-city location, it draws students from across the metropolitan area. This makes our community vibrant, rich and culturally diverse.

The different family structures in the school reflect our diversity and encompassing ethos. The curriculum we offer provides many opportunities for the school to include all groups in a meaningful way. We consider ourselves an integral part of the local community. We provide our facilities for the use of local associations and interest groups on application.

Our Ethos: Our school motto is 'Friendship - Respect - Success'.
We aim to develop the cognitive, social, physical and creative abilities of all students to enable them to realise their full potential and maximise opportunities as a member of the community. This means that we try to provide the best possible education for every child with parents/caregivers as partners.

Staff: The school is staffed by a team of highly qualified experienced and dedicated staff. Specialist staff are provided for Art, Music, Physical Education, Sport, Library, Instrumental Music, Intensive English and Mandarin Studies. The staff are supported by a team of qualified educational assistants.

Curriculum: The school embraces the Values and the learning areas of the Australian Curriculum, - The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences and Technology.
Priorities for the school for 2015 include Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Communication and Technology. These priority areas are supported by additional resources.
Children at Highgate Primary School can participate in over 60 different programs. These include classical guitar and brass for students in years 5 and 6, Gymnastics, dance, chess and many more activities.

Buildings and Grounds: The school is air conditioned and consists of 2 main heritage listed buildings each with 10 class rooms and a fully enclosed hall. The school has a well equipped library, art room, music room and an Undercover Assembly area. There are four Early Childhood classes on site and four Kindergarten classes at our off site centre, on Broome Street, approximately 1 km from the school. We are currently undergoing a building and grounds redevelopment program.

Community Participation: The School Board, P&C and Volunteer Program contribute time and financially. Volunteers support teachers in the classroom, the P&C has been active with the development of the grounds, and volunteers assist in the canteen and other areas. Their contributions are appreciated.

Visitors: Highgate Primary School enjoys a renowned international reputation and receives visitors throughout the year. Highgate Primary School encourages relationships with overseas schools.