Gosnells Primary School (5192)

School Overview

We are an Independent Public School catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We have an ethos of working together, caring for others, developing positive community involvement, taking pride in our achievements and maximising the educational opportunities for all children.

Our students are provided with opportunities across all learning areas, including specialist instruction in the areas of Physical Education, Science, Performing Arts, Indonesian, and Digital Technologies. Talented students have additional opportunities to participate in the Primary Extension and Challenge and School of Instrumental Music programs in Years 5 & 6.

We foster a school culture based on the understanding that positive behaviours need to be taught and supported. Our clear behaviour expectations 'Be Safe', 'Be Responsible', 'Be Respectful' and 'Be Better' provide a positive learning environment that assists students to achieve improved academic and behaviour outcomes as a result of increased engagement with learning.

Our quality teaching staff are experienced, highly collaborative and work in partnership with families to ensure all student needs are met. They have a range of expertise in a variety of areas ensuring a dynamic and evolving educational community.

Gosnells Primary School is the first West Australian Primary School to provide a Mainstream Specialist Learning Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Developing Social and Emotional Well Being is a priority at our school, as such we invest heavily in providing pastoral care to all students and their families through our School Chaplain, School Based Support Worker and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer who assist in overseeing initiatives such as our Breakfast Program, Protective Behaviours and the 'Zones of Regulation' curriculum fostering self-regulation and emotional control in students.

We have strong links with our parent community through our Parents & Citizens Association and School Board, both of which play active and important roles in our school.

Our history is rich having opened our doors for the first time on September 4, 1905 and being in continuous operation through until today. Much of this history is proudly displayed in the corridors of the main school building.

We welcome your contact with us if you have any enquiries relating to our school and enrolment with us. Our website with additional information can be found at http://gosnellsps.wa.edu.au/