Geraldton Primary School (5183)

School Overview

Geraldton Primary School is proud to be known as Western Australia's oldest continuously operating primary school, with students first attending in 1878. The school is heritage-listed and will be turning 145 years old on 4 October 2023. Geraldton PS is an Independent Public School. We have a long established and excellent reputation in the Geraldton community, attracting students from all parts of the city and outlying regions, with 70% of our students from outside our Local Intake Area.

The school continually has a waitlist of students wishing to enrol. We are very proud of our school motto, 'Generosity, Perseverance and Service' and an updated new school logo and tagline of 'Inspiring Generations' to reflect the very strong family links over time. We ensure that we display these qualities as we go about our daily work at school.

The school prides itself on its personal approach to families and pastoral care programs and caters for both the needs of individual students as well as the education of all our students. We actively seek and build partnerships with agencies and the local community to provide high quality educational opportunities for every student. The school has an in-school Chaplain and a School Psychologist who provide support to students, staff and the school community.

Our students come from a range of cultural backgrounds which greatly enhances our school community. We have strong links with the parents/carers of our students. They are motivated and keen for their children to succeed and provide great support to them, the school and staff.

The school has a designated Science Laboratory, Art Area, an upgraded multi-purpose library resource centre, two Pre-Primary rooms, Computer Lab and Music room. Technology resources include wireless network, laptops, iPads, Apple TVs and electronic whiteboards for each classroom.

Geraldton PS is one of four Geraldton schools which are part of the Geraldton Lighthouse Project - A Partnership of Schools, with the goal is to work in partnership to build the capacity of school staff to enhance the outcomes of students with Autism across all phases of learning. Staffing to support the Lighthouse Project strategies include a Key Teacher (Autism) for 2.5 days a week and a fulltime Special Needs Education Assistant - Lead. Both work in collaboration with the Students with Educational Needs (SEN) Deputy Principal to support students with an IDA (Identified Disability Allocation).

Additional support is provided to students from Years 1 to 6 who require a RTI (Response to Intervention) strategy to support their literacy development with the employment of a full time Special Needs Education Assistant who provides Sounds Write phonics instruction to identified students.

An Indonesian Language program from Kindergarten to Year 6 is provided which includes middle and upper primary Languages Extension Groups. Specialist teachers provide Physical Education, Science and Music programs by 3 Specialist Teachers. The school runs several choirs: Senior, and both Junior Girls and Boys Choir and a highlight of each assembly is the community song which is enjoyed by all students, staff and members of the school community. A percussion and didgeridoo group opportunity group is also offered to Year 5 and 6 students. Didgeridoo workshops are held for Year 1 to 6 boys during the year.

The IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services) teachers also provide lessons for Year 5 and 6 students selected in this program in Guitar, Brass and Woodwind. These students can then also become part of the Batavia Coast Band. Selected Year 4 students also are provided an opportunity to be part of the academic extension program PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) which operates in Years 5 and 6. Year 6 students attend a school camp each year to Coral Bay which is a highlight and much looked forward to event.

Our School Board members are a valuable asset to the school and, like the GPS P &C Association are a major contributor to the school. The P and C Association, over the years has been responsible for a range of improvements at Geraldton Primary including air conditioning, playground equipment, gates and shade.

Discover more about our school by visiting our website, the school Facebook page or contacting us on: T: 99681850 E: W: