Gascoyne Junction Remote Community School (5181)

School Overview

Welcome to our school.

Gascoyne Junction Remote Community School is situated in the town of Gascoyne Junction where the Lyons and Gascoyne Rivers meet. It is on Ingarrda Country, a place of vast open plains, wide skies and bright stars, that our unique school sits.

The school is 178 kilometres east of Carnarvon and services students living in the township of Gascoyne Junction, Woodgimia Community and surrounding pastoralist stations. Employment within the community derives from the Shire Council, pastoralist stations, The Junction Pub and Tourist Park and the School.

Children are front and centre of every decision made at our little school in the bush. We understand that students may, in time, attend a larger school and need the skills and knowledge to succeed whenever and wherever they attend school. To this end, staff at Gascoyne Junction school acknowledge parents, families and communities as the first educators of their children and work with them to ensure solid, evidence based programmes are delivered to students.

At our school, teachers are well versed in moderation activities to ensure true and valid judgements are given for each and every student. Staff commit to excellence, ongoing self-assessment and improvement to deliver high quality evidence based programmes. The number of classes running at Gascoyne Junction School is dependent upon the student cohort.

Before we make a decision about our students we ensure we know the whole child, then our questions begin. What is best for this learner? What evidence suggests that a particular programme would benefit this student? What can I develop with what I know? What could I do differently to improve this outcome? What was successful and why?
Furthermore, as part of our continuous self- assessment plan for school improvement, we ask, 'How are we going? How do we know? What can we do to improve?' These questions ensure we rigorously examine and modify our practice regularly to ensure success for all students.

Parents can be confident their child will benefit from individualised programmes, well equipped classes where children have room to move, engaging lessons and a fantastic lifestyle. Our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience underpin the school behaviour management process and are modelled consistently by all members of staff. Strong links with the school council ensures staff, parents and community work together to ensure a safe, welcoming environment for students to be the best they can be.

Our team is close knit and dedicated to providing our students with the skills necessary for life beyond Gascoyne Junction.
We are confident our students will successfully utilise skills learned and transfer them anywhere, anytime, any school.