North Fremantle Primary School (5178)

School Overview

North Fremantle Primary School commenced as an Independent Public School in 2015. At North Fremantle Primary School we provide a dynamic and innovative learning community for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. North Fremantle Primary School enjoys a reputation for providing a holistic education, striving specifically to develop children who are creative, accept challenges, think collaboratively and are inspired to be lifelong learners.

Recognising the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child, North Fremantle Primary School enjoys a strong sense of community. Our dedicated staff and diverse student population celebrate parents, family and community involvement. As part of this, our students recognise and embrace their responsibilities to society and are active contributors to their community during their school years and beyond.

Set in a beautifully landscaped environment our students enjoy native garden surrounds and authentic learning experiences caring for their own vegetable gardens, free-range chickens and nature play during learning breaks. To the front of the school, we have unlimited access to the historic Gil Fraser Sports complex that boasts two full-size ovals, a heritage grandstand and community hall.

Our positive and challenging teaching programs allow all children to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident independent learners. We are proud of our reputation in offering a diverse range of subjects including music, French, visual arts and physical education which are taught by specialist teachers.