Forrestfield Primary School (5174)

School Overview

At Forrestfield Primary School, our vision is to create a harmonious innovative environment nurturing excellence which creates the foundation of teaching and learning at Forrestfield. In a truly multi-cultural school with families from over 32 different countries and cultures, a mixture of religions and beliefs, languages and understandings, one message permeates the school culture, 'Treat Everyone Decently'. With one hundred and eighty-six students from kindergarten to year 6, Forrestfield Primary School has been able to maintain that small school personalised approach to schooling in a very diverse school region. We have an ethos that revolves around recognising the individuality and strengths of our students and the school community. We pride ourselves on being able to identify the needs of all of our students in providing tailored learning programs supporting successful student outcomes. Students, teachers, families and the wider community come together to create not only successful students, but quality global citizens.

Our school has an unrelenting focus in the areas of literacy and numeracy and has achieved outstanding outcomes across many academic learning areas. Through engagement with high quality professional learning in the areas of literacy and leadership, our school continues to make massive gains, particularly in the area of writing. Recent assessment and subsequent data indicates that a large number of our stable cohort students are developing at two to three times the expected rate across a range of learning areas. Our School continues to strive to maximise success and has recently engaged experts in the areas of numeracy and synthetic phonics. A new School Plan identifying individual student needs, focused on evidence based strategies and a clear strategic intent, will be the catalyst for ongoing improvement for each and every one of our students.

Students at Forrestfield Primary School are able to fully immerse themselves in Science, Technology, Enterprise & Mathematics (STEM) learning through this program, enabling them to have a real understanding of the world around them and the implication of their choices on it. Forrestfield Primary School recognises the importance in investing in the whole child and helping them in their journey to being well rounded and positive contributors to society now and into the future.

Forrestfield Primary School has an unrelenting focus on excellence where innovative teaching and learning practices are encouraged and explicitly developed. Students are nurtured to exceed their potential in a harmonious and engaging environment which embraces the school and wider community and in which every individual is valued and respected for their contribution.

The Sustainability Program at Forrestfield Primary School has been recognised as best practice across a wide range of sectors and industries. The school collaborates with a range of professionals to share its knowledge and amazing facilities and provides high quality professional learning for teachers and the wider community.

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