West Morley Primary School (5172)

School Overview

At West Morley Primary School We Stand Together.

This is at the heart of all we do as a community believing that together, as students, families and staff, we can foster an innovative and supportive learning environment where children can develop and thrive.

Our Vision is that our students become resilient, life-long learners, who actively participate in and contribute to their community, and who continue to practise the school's core values through life.

We work towards our Mission as we promote high standards and expectations through a nurturing school community that shares the responsibility for living its core values.

We create a safe stimulating environment that uses effective teaching and learning practices for our children to develop and thrive to reach their full potential as students and citizens.

The rich diversity of West Morley's school community provides opportunity to practice our core (HEART) values of Happiness, Empathy, Aspiration, Respect and Teamwork. This culture also encourages an appreciation of individual uniqueness and for students to develop self acceptance and respect of self.

Our experienced and qualified staff are focussed on high performance and high care of all students, providing learning opportunities that inspire.

West Morley Primary School (WMPS) is proud of its status as an Independent Public School. This provides greater autonomy to meet our school community needs, consolidate our successes and foster further growth and improvement.

Our belief is in putting our students first and as a community we work together to ensure we develop the holistic needs of every child within our care, encompassing a framework of internal and external support services around them.

We aim to meet the needs of our community through the hosting a Before and After School Care program.

West Morley Primary School community stands together in demonstrating care for the environment through our whole school sustainability focus and our enriching River Rangers Cadets program. Our grounds are reflective of this focus on our value of Environmental Responsibility, surrounded by natural bushland mixed with adventurous nature play facilities and well maintained open spaces.

The West Morley School Community has stood proudly together over the past 50 years and will continue to prosper in the future, ensuring we uphold our visions and values within a welcoming, calm and caring environment.