Fairview Primary School (5167)

School Overview

Fairview Primary School is a Level 4 local merit-select school located in the coal mining town of Collie, which is situated in the picturesque Collie River Valley 200 km south of Perth, W.A. There is strong collaboration with the Collie Senior High School and other primary schools and staff members within the Collie Valley Coalition of Schools.
Our school opened on the 11th September 1959 with 113 students with the school colours of royal blue and orange. Today, enrollments are approximately 260, the majority living within the town-site. A globe of the world was adopted as the school logo in 1962 to relate to the school motto of 'a fair view of all things'. As we move onward into the 21st Century, the school community has re-examined the culture and purpose of the school. A motto of CARE based on the virtues of Cooperation, Achievement, Respect and Enthusiasm was developed in 2005 and embedded through the Virtues Project in 2006. School Management and Leadership teams have developed structures to enhance team-work and parallel strategic and teacher leadership plus implementing a model of whole-school collaborative planning and cohesive development.

Built on a hilltop site in the North East of the town, the classroom facilities consist of eight linear rooms for the senior and middle clusters, a four room junior cluster and one demountable classroom. In addition there is a purpose-built library resource center, a Technical /Arts shed, an undercover area and canteen and uniform shop run by the P&C. Included on site is the Early learning Centre comprising are a Pre-Primary centre and a four-year old Kindergarten centre. Two large ovals and playing fields allow space for an active program to enhance physical development.

The school offers programs for kindergarten to year six and prides itself on catering for all students in an inclusive manner, students with special physical and educational needs being included in mainstream classes. The school also currently runs a Play Cafe for children and mothers of 0 to 4 years of age, one morning a week. Teaching and Support Staff members demonstrate a strong commitment to Outcomes-based Education and collaboration. Many are actively engaged on committees that focus on school initiatives and development. The current focus is on improving levels of achievement, especially in Literacy and Numeracy, with whole-school pedagogy based on First Steps, Inquiry and Virtues.

Our priorities for the 2015 are:

The school community is committed to enhancing the Learning Environment both physically, by improving grounds and facilities, and emotionally with whole-school programs to ensure we develop resilient students within a safe environment, ready to take their place as worthy citizens in the 21st Century.