Eneabba Primary School (5162)

School Overview

Eneabba Primary School, 280km north of Perth on the Brand Highway, caters for 15 children from Kindergarten through to Year 6. Our specialised team of teaching and school support staff provide innovative and engaging classes for a child's first introduction to education. The school has a strong focus on numeracy, literacy and technology, with whole-school programs in place to cater for the individual needs of all students. The school is highly regarded for its individualised approach that is adopted towards student learning, with realistic and achievable goals set for all students.

Our positive and engaging school environment allows for the effective delivery of teaching programs that ensure students develop the skills and knowledge to become active citizens in our globalised world. A strength of our school is the positive school culture that is present, reflected in our day to day operations. This culture is built upon our five school values of co-operation, friendliness, perseverance, respect and responsibility. We are proud of our reputation in offering a diverse range of subjects including Music, Physical Education and Science.

Eneabba Primary School has a strong ethos of being a warm, caring and friendly community where every child is treated as a valued individual and families are welcomed. Our strong pastoral care approaches are provided to all students throughout their time at our school. The school has established and maintained strong partnerships with its community and endeavours to be a reflection of its aspirations. This community support is evident in our daily operations and school events.

Students are taught in modern classrooms, all with the latest information technology such as interactive whiteboards, iPads, laptops, 3D printers and networked computers. In recent years the school has placed a strong focus on the use of ICT within the teaching and learning process. Outside, the school boosts well maintained grounds with a number of playground areas with modern playground equipment under shade for students to enjoy. Netball and tennis courts, cricket nets and a grassed oval provide opportunities for students to develop their locomotor and object-control skills in a safe and supported environment. The school is fully air-conditioned providing a pleasant learning environment throughout the year.

To discover more about Eneabba Primary School contact the school office on (08) 9933 3200.