Sutherland Dianella Primary School (5143)

School Overview

Sutherland Dianella Primary School has a present enrolment of 265 students who come from many different cultures. This diversity appears to be an increasing trend for the school and the local community. School programs seek to celebrate this diversity and the Australian way of life. There exists a supportive community spirit that is indicative of a school of this size.

Following research and a vigorous campaign, the school adopted the state fossil of the Go Go fish as its emblem in 1994. The school motto is 'Only Our Best'.

In 1996, the present school was established following an amalgamation of Sutherland and Dianella primary schools. The School became a technology focused school by utilising an injection of funding provided to assist with the amalgamation.

This technology focus continues today with Online Teaching and Learning System and the use of Interactive White Boards in classrooms. The School has a central lab, pods of computers in each classroom and technology skills are integrated across the curriculum using a variety of productivity software. In 2003, an enterprise project resulted in the senior students in the School producing and selling a video on cooperative learning. Cooperative learning and autonomous learning are a teaching focus of the School.

Staff are enthusiastic and experienced and the students are positive and well behaved. In 2005, four of the School's Leadership team members were awarded a Westfield Premier's Scholarship. This scholarship enabled the staff to research active citizenship programs overseas. As a result of this research the staff have developed a leadership and active citizenship skills program from K-7 called 'The Go Go Program'.

Attention to student decision making and opportunities for students to practice active local and global citizenship skills can be demonstrated with regular class meetings and a Senior Student Parliament. Senior students also regularly meet students from the non-public schools, Carmel Primary School and the Australian Islamic School, in a cross cultural program called SUN(Students Uniting Nations). The School supports a sister school in Cambodia, Chambak Primary School.

The School also has a strong focus on the social and emotional well being of students and uses the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS) program to assist with this focus.

The parents are keen to contribute with all school activities. The P&C is very proactive in providing additional funds to support school programs and students in their learning. Many of the fundraising events are focused on family enjoyment.

Additioanl school facilities include an art room, automated library, early childhood centre and a Music room that is resourced by a Music Specialist. Italian is the second language taught at the School.

In 2008, the school was granted $5 million under the State Capital Works Program and is currently involved in an extensive rebuild of school buildings.