Dandaragan Primary School (5135)

School Overview

Dandaragan Primary School is situated in a small rural town 170 km north of Perth, catering for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. It is in the Midwest Education Region. Students are from families in farming, mining and rural support industries and businesses.
We aspire to be a school that is trusted to provide a high standard of teaching that supports all students to learn. We encourage our students to develop a love of learning and enthusiasm for new experiences and challenges. We value our connection to the community and aim for our students to be active citizens in local, global and digital communities.

At our school we continuously model, promote and demonstrate our core values. We encourage:
Respect for others, ourselves, and our environment.
Responsibility by being accountable for actions towards ourselves, others, the environment and the community.
Trustworthiness by being reliable, sincere, honest and truthful.
Safety by acting in a manner that considers the well-being and protection of self and others.

At Dandaragan Primary School we believe that students learn best when they:
- are engaged in varied, meaningful activities that cater for a range of learning styles
- are in a safe, encouraging environment where they are supported by staff and peers
- are motivated, challenged and take responsibility for their own learning
- have differences acknowledged, respected and accommodated
- have clear expectations of the lesson outcomes
- are given frequent, positive and meaningful feedback
- curiosity and enquiry are fostered
- are healthy both physically and emotionally

Our school priorities are to
- Maximise student achievement in literacy and numeracy
- Set high expectations and targets for the specific progress of students (or groups) based on rigorous analysis of data
- Develop in all students skills including teamwork, problem solving, creativity, independent thinking, critical analysis, initiative and communication
- Encourage interest and competence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects
- Ensure students are confident and adaptive users of technology
- Develop strong individual case management
- Strengthen gifted and talented education
- Maximise collaboration with other organisations and agencies
- Create opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and care in school and the wider community
- Provide a well-rounded curriculum to develop the skills and abilities of all students
- Focus on play-based learning in a balanced curriculum for Kindergarten and Pre-primary students
- Provide a learning environment that meets the requirements of the NQS for students in K-2
- Have all Year 3 to 6 students learning languages